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Our Story

As pet parents, we know our dogs are family. When my soul dog Oscar got sick, all the signs were there. I just was not educated in what I was looking at. Oscars body was compromised the night before Thanksgiving having had emergency surgery for "twisted gut". He was lethargic and had a drum like bloat happening. Touching base with my local vet, we rushed him to ISU for emergency surgery, which he survived. Years later, he had developed parasites which took over some of his neurological systems. He did not make it home that afternoon after dropping him off at my vet. Devastated, I  focused on his dad Doc until he was diagnosed with pancreatitis at the age of 14. Having to put Doc down was the second heart break.


After having told myself, no more dogs, I found myself reading a post on Facebook from a local rescue who had brought in two German Shorthaired Pointers as breeder surrenders. Needless to say, the two girls, Pepper and Hazel, are now a part of my family. 5 months later, a foster home was needed for one of two males. Smoke became a foster fail and has joined our family. 

All three of these dogs had different health concerns to address, which have turned into proactive care and living their best lives.

Patty (owner) with Hazel, Smoke and Pepper

Helping your pet live their best life

Just like we take care for ourselves by eating right, exercising, annual checkups, and keeping our minds strong, our pets deserve just the same. With the high rates of diseases appearing every day with in our pets, we need to be proactive in keeping them healthy as we can. The revolution of raw, freeze dry, healthy homemade treats and supplemental feeding as well as innovative enrichment and interactive toys are coming and we want to bring it to Grinnell and our surrounding communities. No matter where you are on your journey of feeding your dog or your budget, we want to help you extend your dogs life one bowl at a time. 

Holistic Pet Health Coaching consultations are available at  Spoiled Dogs Company!

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